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Nicolle Behnke joined our staff as Youth and Family Coordinator May 4th, 2015.  Her responsibilities include developing relationships with youth, grades 5-12, leading the instruction team for confirmation, and coordinating and leading youth and family events throughout the year. 


Nicolle is a life time member of Faith Lutheran Church, having attended Sunday school and was confirmed in November of 1992.  She graduated from Valders High School and is employed by HUI in Kiel full time.  In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, spending time with family, friends and kitties.  A huge fan of the Badgers, Packers and Brewers (yes, she yells at the television thinking they can hear her).  She has cousins who play sports and coach at Valders, so you’ll most likely see her in the stands cheering them on.  




Quoting Nicolle:  “About two years ago I finally understood the importance of God in my life.  I felt him around me and am not afraid of what he has planned for me.  When this position became available, I was interested from the start. I never thought I stood a chance, so let it sit on the back burner.  Each week that I saw it in the bulletin, the more I felt the urge to apply. I took a chance and now feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity! Helping others makes me happy and I want to spread that joy to others.”




Nicolle is excited to be involved with Faith’s youth to help guide, lead and encourage each and every one of you.  She is excited to be involved with Faith’s youth, guiding and leading them encouraging a faith filled life and future.  Any suggestions you may have are welcome.  Please contact Nicolle by email, phone or discuss your comments personally with her.  Look for notices, events and activities on Faith’s Youth Facebook page. (click link below)




Cell Phone:  920-323-5245


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