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Schedule a Visit with the Pastor?

It's pretty easy to meet with Pastor Erica. You can reach her this way:

Pastor Erica looks forward to meeting with you to discuss whatever you might have on your mind or heart!


Join the Congregation?

Again, get in touch with Pastor Erica. She'll be very happy to meet with you and describe the process for you. Basically, joining Faith Lutheran is pretty simple:

  • We have a New Member Class that we schedule about three times a year. It's a chance for people to get a quick glance at what it means to be Lutheran and get acquainted with others who are joining at the same time as you are.
  • After the class, we set aside a time - usually on a Sunday morning - to receive new members. We'll give you a flower, introduce you to the congregation and have an informal reception for you so you can meet some new people. We'll also want to take your picture to help our other members recognize you when they see you.
  • In the meantime, join in on any and all the activities and events you're interested in and get involved just like you are a member, for we include members and non-members in just about everything we do!


Enroll in Sunday School?

If you want to enroll your child(ren) in our Sunday School program you can come to the Church Office most any Sunday and talk with one of the Sunday School Staff. They will help you find class where they belong, introduce you to the teacher and begin helping your child(ren) get settled in. There's a registration form that will be important for you to fill out too, so we have some needed information about your family.


Plan for a Wedding?

We want to work with you to make your wedding a meaningful worship service that will add God's blessing to your relationship and enhance the lives of those you've invited to share your special day with you. We will engage you in a process though which we will seek to prepare you for your wedding and prepare you for your marriage. You will find it helpful to read An Introduction to Wedding Planning for a full description of this process, as well as lots of resources for planning your wedding.


The first step in scheduling a wedding is to contact Pastor Erica to set up an appointment to get acquainted with her, discuss our approach to doing weddings, and decide if you would like to move forward, at which time we would schedule the date for your wedding.


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