Quilting & Knitting

Quilters - A dedicated group of women who meet Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings each week at church to sew and tie quilts for people locally and around the world through Lutheran World Relief.  Materials are provided.  No experience necessary.  Please join us for fellowship with busy hands.  Gladys Hansen, Chair.


                                                                                             Quilts displayed on pews      

 during the Thanksgiving service


Imagine the comfort that comes with a hug when someone is in a time of deepest need.  Through a simple combination of fabric and thread, the Quilting Ladies have reached out to those with some of the greatest needs in the world, not wrapping them in their arms, but wrapping them in the work of their hands through the making of Quilts for Lutheran World Relief.


If you have never witnessed the quilters in action you have no idea the time that goes into making these quilts.  Sorting through donations, opening seams to attain suitable pieces to sew together, then cutting the pieces to make them fit together, ironing the pieces to lay flat for sewing, matching the pieces together to form a quilt, sewing the squares, pressing seams open, tying each quilt, then pinning the sides together for the final sewing.  The quilts are then packed ten quilts in a box and labeled. 


You do not need any sewing abilities to help.  If you would like to join the group or have questions, please contact Gladys Hansen or the church office. 


Large pieces of new and good used fabric, except fiberglass.  Old bed sheets for fillers.  CLEAN MATERIALS PLEASE.  Bright colored yarn.  Donated materials should be clearly marked "QUILTING" and left downstairs under the coat rack.


VALDERS FAITHFUL QUILTERS: Thank you to Gladys Hansen, Ruth Torrison, Violet Rusch, Cheryl Domrath, Linda Berge, Marlene Evenson, Joyce Schreiner, Linda Herzog, Virginia Meyer, Linda Menza, Kayleen Halderson and our Quilters from the Valders area – Betty Binversie, Virginia Berg, Ann DeMark and Leona Vogel.  This is a busy group of ladies!  Thanks for your dedication to meet the needs of people you will never meet.


March 2014 -- THANK YOU to the people involved in knitting/crocheting the 21 lab robes/prayer shawls that were donated to the Holy Family Hospice Program.  Each of the 21 lap robes were bagged individually, blessed and prayed over by the women attending the February Board Meeting.  The Hospice Program was very appreciative of our donation to the program, stating their staff has seen our lap robes/prayer shawls draped over a client's lap or feet and that occasionally a client does not have family/friends at their side.  The lap robe/prayer shawl is very comforting for them knowing it was blessed and prayed over by our group, it then becomes a keepsake for the family.  Your knitting/crocheting has become a great comfort and has touched the lives of many.



Knitting - The group meets Monday afternoons at 1:00 PM in the church's reception room for fellowship and to knit or crochet items that are shared with local hospitals, nursing homes, and people in need of a healing touch.  Come to share, visit and knit or crochet with the group.  Joyce Loritz, Chair.




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