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TIME & TALENT -- On September 23rd, 2012 the Stewardship Committee launched "Experience Generosity". In order for our church to continue to operate smoothly and spread the Word of Jesus Christ, volunteers are constantly needed and the needs are many.  Click here for a letter and printable form explaining the Time & Talent form reflecting the areas of needs within and outside our wonderful church.  Without you, our church would only be brick & mortar.

Experience Generosity

Generosity is Expectant.  Faith Lutheran’s support of the Hands on Mission Committee has helped so many people.  Did you know that “generosity" is an act that anticipates a promising future”?? We have helped others achieve a promising future.  

Generosity is Joyful….Generosity should be done out of great joy and thanksgiving. It is a JOY to have been blessed by God to be a blessing in return.

Generosity is Grateful….Generosity is born out of a grateful response to the abundance and blessing that God has showered upon us.

Generosity is Faithful….Generosity is based upon the obedience to, the conviction of, the dependence upon, and the assurance of God’s promise.

Generosity is Responsible…. As stewards we have been entrusted with God’s abundant gifts and blessings. Generosity calls us to be faithful with those gifts, using them for their intended purposes. “To whom much has been given much will be expected.”

Generosity is Imaginative…. Generosity invites us to imagine something far beyond ourselves. With God at work within us we are capable of doing things that we alone can’t possibly accomplish.   


Worship Assistants

Members of Faith,

We are looking for members who are interested in assisting worship in the following capacities:

Lector--Reading of Scripture during services.  Selected readings are sent to you via email or regular mail in advance.

Usher--Ushers arrive at church approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of service.  They assist the head usher in handing out bulletins, collecting the offering, releasing communicants for communion and straightening the pew area after church.

Sound Operator--The sound operator is responsible for turning the sound system on before service and off after service, and ringing of the bells before and after the service.

Video Operator--The video operator is responsible for video-taping the worship service.  One Sunday service and each Wednesday service is taped.

Projector Operator--The projector operator is responsible for advancing the projector slides during each service. 

Communion Distribution--Assists the Pastor in the distribution of the bread - "the Body of Christ given for you" and wine - "the Blood of Christ shed for you" during communion.

Communion Committee (set up & clean up)--Communion set-up is done on Saturday mornings before Communion Sundays or before the Wednesday evening worship.  Clean-up is done after each service.  A group of 2 or more people are usually involved in set-up and clean-up.


We ask that you prayerfully consider sharing your time and ministry with everyone at Faith Lutheran Church.  Experience is not necessary as we are planning several training sessions for anyone who is interest in these duties.  Please contact the church office if you are interested.


Thank you for your Ministry!


Worship Greeters

DevotionsGalatians 6:10  “When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it.” 

The exercise of hospitality does not happen automatically – it requires intentional effort.  Welcoming, greeting, accompanying, serving, guiding – these are all components of the church’s ministry of hospitality.  


Even though every member of the assembly is by definition a greeter, there will often be some whose particular responsibility is to be stationed in strategic areas to greet those arriving for the worship service.  Young and old, men and women are all quite capable of offering a friendly greeting, a handshake, and some warm words of welcome. 


Experience is not necessary.   Click here for "Greeter Information" or a "Greeter Orientation".  Please contact the church office if you are interested in becoming a greeter.  We need greeters for the Holidays and both the 8:00 & 10:30 AM services on Sundays, and the 6:15 PM service on Wednesday evenings.


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