Bill Bratz in Tanzania


From: Tina Waack
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:25 AM
Subject: Bill & Tanzania as of January 13


Talked to Bill this morning & he shared the news that the container has
indeed arrived. It arrived on Tuesday, the 10th of January. There were many
hands to get it unloaded in about 6 hours. All items were in tact &
accounted for. The tractor & implements have already been put to work. This
past 2 days have been spent getting the tractor set to go & getting petro to
run it. Bill, sore leg & all, has gotten about 5 acres plowed. He said to
tell everyone that the tractor & plow are working well. He is plowing very,
very rough ground with 2 foot tall grass and is surprised that the plow can
actually turn the soil. The ground is turning over without plugging the
plow. He does wish that he had a disc to cut the grasses, however; will work
on using the harrow & drag to get the soil ready for planting. He is hoping
to get some planting done during the next week, weather permitting.

Bill said it took him 8 hours to plow the 5 acres, and is not sure how long
it will take him to get the soil ready for planting.

There is roof space to store the tractor, plow, harrow etc. I wish I could
see their expressions having of all that soil being turned without a shovel
& rake! The rains have returned as of last evening, so there will be no
plowing or field work today, not like there isn't plenty to do now that the
container has arrived.

The hydro-electric dam is still out of order. There is an engineer from
Switzerland coming this week, who's specialty is hydro-electric dams. Bill
has gotten the impression, Language problems there, that the system that
regulates the amount of water allowed to enter & run the turbines, is either
defective or has been jammed with debris of some sort from all the heavy
rains. I guess time will tell. Remember this is Africa!

The well drilling rig has not arrived from Dar esalaam as of this morning
when I talked to him. He hasn't heard any more news about it since the
container has arrived.

That's about all the news.
Have a great week & I'll update after I hear from Bill again.

Keep those prayers a'comin....................


Latest Update from 12/23


From: Tina Waack

Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 8:23 AM

Subject: Bill In Tanzania / The Flood & The Container


Our prayers have been answered.
The school & orphanage is 6,000 feet above the elevation of Dar es salaam.  There is no flooding @ the school or orphanage, there is however some low level flooding between Chipole & Sengea. The well has been drilled & the piping is being installed today.  By this evening, there should be water to the primary school & surrounding buildings.
Bill said the container is in Dar es salaam & is probably unloaded by now.  Sister Carisma will be going there to get the container by the 26th.  The hope is that the container will reach Chipole by the first of the year.  It seems that Sister Carisma & the powers that prevail have been in contact with the government & the container should clear customs with minimal issues.
That's all the news for the day.  I will try to call him via Skype tomorrow morning.  Let's see how that works for us!
Bill asked that I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


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Subject: Bill In Tanzania As of 12/16/11

I talked to Bill this morning and he offered these updates.

They will be looking at getting the container this coming week.  Keep your fingers crossed that all works out well.  Sister Angeline Hansen was able to get the required numbers by which to identify the tractor to Sister Carisma or whoever needed to have them so the tractor can be registered.  That is a major problem resolved.  We'll just have to wait to see if anything else comes up.  Keep this effort with the container in your prayers.

Another project for this upcoming week is to get the first well drilled.  There was a delay because of the required piping that had to be ordered from Darussalam, which is scheduled to arrive the middle of next week.  When the piping arrives, the well will be drilled and the water will be plumbed to the buildings. The same crew will be fixing the septic for the orphanage and main complex of buildings in that area.   Once that huge project is completed, they hope to drill another needed well for the secondary school complex and correct the septic issues for that area as well.  With the completion of these huge projects, there will be a vast improvement in the health issues of all the residents of the orphanage and school.

This week also included the building of a wall for a chicken coop for the chickens they hope to get.  These materials were donated to them and hopefully the chickens will follow.  Like in the movie "Field of Dreams", you build it and they will come.

There is a lot of work being done during this, their rainy season; trees are being planted, classrooms are being prepped for the return of the students etc.  The children that did not leave for the school break, whether orphans or students, continue to follow Bill around like lost puppies.  They are anxious to help wherever they can whenever time allows.  Remember, nothing happens quickly in Africa!

Bill said for me to say "Hi" to everyone and a "Thank You" for the prayers.  There are miracles happening everyday for them.

Merry Christmas.

Until later------------



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