Jill Meyer-Lippert

Arriving in Haiti

Thanks for taking the time to look at pictures from my recent mission trip to Haiti. 


This first picture is from the plane

landing in Port-Au-Prince.

The rest are pictures of Port-au-Prince from

the vehicle. We arrived on July 5th and spent

the first night in Port-Au-Prince.

We left very early the next morning for the LONG drive to Jean Rabel.















These are photos of the 3 days we ran “kids club” in the local church.

From the pictures you will see both the inside and outside of the church.


During the days we spent at the kids club, we taught the kids songs, bible verses, lessons on English, hygiene, personal responsibility, not littering, etc..


 They loved to sing the songs and color.







 Our group was very small. It consisted of 4 American women along with 3 Haitian men  who helped translate for us and teach us Creole to help us communicate better. The other women were all able to speak Creole at varying degrees from their past experiences on missing trips to Haiti.





























We were unable to retain an MD or DDS for the trip. So, our clinic days consisted of starting a medical/dental record system for the kids (and a few adults) to help determine and prioritize treatment needs.










  We would review a medical history, Serenity would check blood pressures, respiratory rate and heart rate, clean and cover any open wounds, and make notes of any obvious medical conditions or lesions.





I would then perform a dental exam, provide oral hygiene instruction and a fluoride varnish treatment to help strengthen their enamel.



















Each one left with a goody bag with a toothbrush,
floss and paste, soap, shampoo, conditioner and a comb.

 The hospital in Jean Rabel

This is the hospital in the city of Jean Rabel.



We stayed and did our work in the mountains outside of the city. We made two trips to the hospital to tour it, visit with the patients and donate supplies.




















This is where the only dentist in the city once was (in the photo where I’m standing in front of the dental office.) There is no longer a dentist there, so there are no options for people who need dental treatment.




 You can see the standing water in the hallway between the rooms and the very unsanitary conditions.





















The photo to the right is from the front porch of an internet café in the town.

We stayed with one of the organizer's (Garry) grandparents at their home in the mountains outside of Jean Rabel. You can see a photo which shows the vehicle we used to travel from Port-Au-Prince to Jean Rabel and back again. 

We used this vehicle the entire time in Jean Rabel to travel from their home to the church or anywhere else we needed to go.








The next pictures show the property, the homes/huts where we stayed along with our “showers” and toilet.














We showered with a 5 gallon bucket of water and a cup. His family treated us like celebrities and cooked for us every day and made sure we had clean water from the “water source” (a natural spring) each day to shower with.


 This is a picture of Serenity and I with our generous hosts, Grandma and Grandpa.

It was beautiful there.













These photos show the effects from a “landslide” that happened after the major earthquake that hit the country a few years ago.


Jean Rabel was not affected by the earthquake but must have had an aftershock that caused large fissures and shifting.

We had a meeting with the “leaders” of the community. Prior to our trip, Rio recommended that we read the book, “Toxic Charity.” It describes how well-intentioned mission and church groups can sometime cause more harm than good to those they are trying to help. It outlines ways to help others while respecting their dignity and not encouraging or continuing a cycle of dependency.












Our meeting with the leadership helped us to understand their concerns and talk about ways to solve some of the problems with a more long-term approach rather than a temporary “band-aid.”


The Voice of Jean Rabel plans to continue a relationship with this community for many years to come to help find long-term solutions to the problems they face. The leaders expressed their main concerns as being the health of their community and lack of access to care along with the struggle to educate their children without a structured school setting.


The next photos show us speaking on a radio show in the city of Jean Rabel. Rio describes this nicely in her blog (see link at the bottom of this page).
















This a picture of a home/hut near the church. Notice the 2 little naked boys to the left of the house. 

















The next few of our leisure afternoon trip to the coast and the beautiful beach where we got to swim in the ocean. I really loved that part!



























This photo shows a hairstyle lesson Garry's family gave to us American girls on Grandma's hair. They thought it was quite funny watching us trying to braid their hair.





One of our missionary members turned 18 while we were in Jean Rabel. We had a birthday party for her one afternoon with the kids at the church.



 If you are interested in reading more see the following link: voiceofjeanrabel.worldpress.com

 You can also look up VOJR Haiti on Facebook for more.


I would again like to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible.  I was very blessed by the generosity of others.  I will never forget all of the wonderful people that I met on my trip.  The people of Jean Rabel were very warm and welcoming.  They were truly appreciative of all that we did.  My fellow missionaries are some of the kindest and most selfless people that I’ve ever met.  They will continue to do great things to help improve the lives of the people of Haiti.  It was an incredible experience. 


I would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in learning more about this trip or anyone interested in joining a future mission trip to Haiti.


Take care,



November 30, 2015

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