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Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you   

We packed and sent 17 boxes overseas on December 12, 2012 to our servicemen & women. We sent them each a box of snacks, and 2 boxes of toiletries, a few books and magazines and then we sent 8 soft blankets we hope will help keep them and a few of their friends warm, on the upcoming cold nights.     Our servicemen and women that we sent to this time are: 

Tyler Olson & Darcie Steinberg & Steven Schmude.    

Special thanks to all who donated supplies or money to buy supplies or to put towards postage. We are hearing many thank you’s from the families of our servicemen both for the prayers and for the supplies. Please keep us informed if you know of others who are serving overseas, and remember to keep all our service men & women in your prayers.  


We will be shipping again in the spring.   We send extra to each service person so they can share with other service people on base.   All donations are greatly appreciated.  A list of suggested items are listed below.

Thank you for all you have done & will do, 

to help make it possible to send these boxes,

helping make their day a little brighter!

-- The Boards of Evangelism & Parish Fellowship



FOOD ITEMS:  Individual flavored water packs, granola bars, breakfast bars, beef jerky, licorice, tuna or chicken (pop top cans or pouches), dried fruit, microwave popcorn, crackers, individual microwaveable means (easy mac, Hormel, etc.) nuts and sunflower seeds, single serving soup, single serving of cereals, gummy lifesavers, cookies and any treat you think would travel well, and might remind them of home.

Remember the high heat especially in summer, so chocolate and some creme filled cookies would melt before it gets there.


PERSONAL ITEMS:  (Remember no aerosol cans - they cannot be shipped, so look for the pump bottles)  Lip balm, hand sanitizer, wet wipes (some can be flushable), Q-tips, hand and body lotions, disposable razors, powder, travel packs of tissues, foot moisturizers, mouthwash and dental floss, toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, eye drops, icy hot patches, sun screen (SPF of 30 or above), pump mosquito repellent


FUN & GAMES:  Small handheld games (solitaire, connect 4, etc. ) paper back books, magazines, comics, disposable cameras


PRACTICAL ITEMS:  small flashlights, mini fans, batteries (AAA, AA), paper, envelopes, pens


DO NOT SEND:  Glass, Chocolate, aerosol cans, alsohol, tabacco products, or religious items. 




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