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Church Boards

President:   Joan Pritzl

Vice President: Bill Riesterer 

Vice President Elect:             

Secretary: Judy Harris

Council:   Joan Pritzl                   Bill Riesterer              Judy Harris

                 Joyce Sorenson          Stephanie Mittnacht    Julie Endries

                 Mark Zutz                     Bobbi Jo Robley         Brenda Platten

Board of Lay Ministry Director: Joyce Sorenson

Sue Riesterer                                                    Terry Huske

Carol Ulness                                                    Jo Jones                                                         

Board of Evangelism   Director: Julie Endries

Julie Hartman                                                  Theresa Haupt

Judy Valleskey                                               Larry Burzynski                                                 

Board of Christian Education   Director: Brenda Platten                         

Chloe Cigler               Cindy Pederson                                                                                          

Board of Stewardship   Director: Stephanie Mittnacht                                               

Matthew Sorenson          David Haupt       

Roger Manke                                      

Board of Church Properties   Director: Mark Zutz

Tom Madson                         Loren Ulness

Don Schreiner                     Jake Kaderabek                                            

Board of Parish Fellowship   Director:

Peter Scharenbroch    

Jan Mulhaney             Brian Ulness

Board of Youth and Family Ministry Director: Bobbi Jo Robley

Sherrie Pinkerton                   Erin Lenzner

Tiffany Jandrey                       Stacy Wilker

Hands on Mission Committee                                                                                             

Penny Larson              Wayne and Terry Huske         Bill Bratz        

Cheryl Domrath                                                                                             

Mission Endowment Fund Committee  

John Thews                   Earl Griffin     Dick Halverson

Sandy Halverson         Keith Schultz   Barb Griffin

Auditing Committee

Cindy Pederson          Rolyn Jorgenson         Kerry Schnell

Nominating Committee

Personnel Committee

Joan Pritzl                                Bill Riesterer                            Judy Harris                      

Joyce Sorenson                       Robert Argall

Brian Ulness                            Cheryl Duchow

Faith Lutheran Cemetery Association

Loren Ulness - Chair              Dennis Evenson           Dave Haupt

Don Schreiner                        Bob Wigen                    Dick Halverson

Thomas Madson – Secretary   Steve Schwoerer – Treasurer

Gjerpen Cemetery Sexton: David Haupt       Our Savior’s Cemetery Sexton:   Loren Ulness  

Valders West Cemetery Sexton: Bob Wigen

January 23, 2020

elca logotext

Evangelical Lutheran

Church in America




9:00 am Worship with ELW

and Holy Communion


6:15 pm with the praise band
and Holy Communion

Lenten Worship

Wednesdays at

4:00 and 6:15 p.m.


All are welcome

Televised Worship:

Mondays @ 6:00 pm

Spectrum Channel 4



Visit Faith Lutheran













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