Symbols within Faith Lutheran Church

The Christian Church, from the beginning, has told its stories and beliefs through many signs and symbols.  All communication is in reality carried on through the use of symbols – forms or sounds that are repeated in association with things and ideas.  The church early established picture symbols to communicate and repeat its message and teachings.  These symbols became the basis for most of the western art through the 14th century.  The “Scientific age” to some degree mistrusted the visual arts, however, recently a renewed interest in symbols has been evident in the church.


The symbolism used in Faith Lutheran Church has attempted to include many aspects of the Christian life. 

Click here to view the booklet: Symbolism and Meaning 


Following is a listing of those symbols.

Take a walk around the building and see if you can find all the symbols.

  • 3 Churches
  • Corner Stone of Faith
  • Nave of the Church
  • Door Markers:  Christmas Manger, Noah's Ark, The Sun of Righteousness, Ten Commandments and Trumpeting Angels
  • Baptismal Font & Doves
  • The Altar, Chi Rho, Menorah, Candle Holders & Bread Plate
  • The Christ Candle
  • The Pulpit
  • The Lectern
  • The Dove
  • The Cross
  • The Prayer Desk, Predieu, Rooster and Jesus' face
  • Jonah & the Whale
  • Stain Glass Symbols:  Harp, Watchful Eye, Dove with Seven Ruby Flames, Christ on the Cross, Escallop Shell, Eagle, Fish, Inverted Cross, Sword, Luther's Coat of Arms



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