“All are welcome at the table, for it is not our invitation,

but Christ’s”.


We say these words every time we gather for Communion.  We have heard from many people how much they appreciate these words of welcome and invitation.  We firmly believe that Christ invites all people to the table, to see, touch, and taste God’s grace.  Some of our younger members have picked up on this and wonder why they aren’t allowed to receive Jesus.  As members of the ELCA, we believe that there is no “correct” age at which we receive communion.




Our denomination states the following in the doctrinal statement,


The Use of the Means of Grace (1997):


  • “Admission to the sacrament is by invitation of the Lord, presented through the Church to those who are baptized.”

  • “In all cases, participation in Holy Communion is accompanied by catechesis appropriate to the age of the communicant.  When infants and young children are communed, the parents and sponsors receive instruction and the children are taught throughout their development.”

  • “Catechesis, continuing throughout the life of the believer, emphasizes the sacrament as gift, given to faith by and for participation in the community.  Such faith is not simply intellectual understanding but trust in God’s promises given in the Lord’s Supper”

  • “There is no command from our Lord regarding the age at which people should be baptized or first communed.”

  • “The members of this church are encouraged to make the sacrament a frequent rather than an occasional part of the lives.” 

Making Communion open to all who are baptized makes a strong witness to what we, as Lutherans, believe about God’s grace.  We believe that the gifts we receive in Holy Communion are given freely by God.  That is, that God doesn’t demand that we earn or deserve them as the “price of admission”.  They are gifts to which God calls us as God’s people.  God meets each of us where we are and brings us to where God wants us to be.


Holy Communion is a celebration of Jesus’ love.  At the communion rail we remember Jesus’ love.  During Communion, God feeds us with God’s love.  Parents provide food for us because they love us.  God feeds us with this special food to remind us that God loves us.  Eating together is a pleasant family time.  We eat this special meal to remember that we are all a part of God’s family.


Your child is welcome to begin receiving Holy Communion at any time.  When you child is in fourth grade, they will be invited to join in a special Communion retreat.  At this retreat, we will discuss the meaning of Communion; we will bake communion bread and paint our very own chalices.


Please note:  this retreat is NOT required prior to receiving Holy Communion.  Children who begin receiving Holy Communion at other times during the year will also be invited to attend the retreat and be recognized on “First Communion Sunday”.  Even if it is not the very first time they have received Holy Communion, it is still reason for our family of faith to celebrate with them! 


If your child desires to receive communion, or you would like further discussion, please see Pastor Jim Wilson.


March 31, 2020

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